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Author Bio

Millie Florence is an adventurous homeschooler who published her first book, ‘Honey Butter’, at age 13. She loves sushi, zip lines, and just about all things yellow.

Millie lives in a picturesque blue house in the woods with her parents and her four siblings, plus a varying amount of cats and chickens.

Sample Interview

When did you start writing?

I don’t know. For as long as I can remember I’ve known that I wanted to be an author and tell stories. Some of my earliest memories are of laying under the covers at night whispering stories to myself long after my parents had told me to go to sleep. Before I could type on my own I told my stories aloud, to my siblings, to my stuffed animals, to the recorder I got for Christmas. I collected spiral-bound notebooks (usually yellow) and turned them into stick figure comic books. When my parents had the time, they typed down my stories for me, doing their best to spell all my made-up words. 

When you’re little, people often ask you “what do you want to be when you grow up?” That question always annoyed me. I wasn’t going to wait until I grew up, I was going to be an author right now!

What inspired your debut novel, Honey Butter?

Around the age of twelve, my parents were painting part of our house, and my siblings and I were dragged along on errands to the paint store a lot. While my parents discussed paint and brushes, my four siblings and I were confined to the paint card section – a corner filled with tiny cards bearing the sample color of different paints for sale.

Somewhat bored, I began reading the names of the paint cards. Vivid jungle, cherry soda, bubble bath. I was amazed how, with only two or three words, the titles painted a picture in my mind (pun intended) I began to take the cards home with me until I had a small collection sitting on the edge of my bookshelf.

Looking through my paint cards one morning, I had a lightbulb moment. The hobby was quirky and a bit strange, but paint cards were undoubtedly cool.

“What if I wrote about a person who was obsessed with collecting paint cards?”

From this question, the character of Jamie Johnson began to take shape, and the story of Honey Butter slowly formed around her.

What’s your favorite part of writing?

As a writer with way too many ideas, I love first drafts! Anything goes. A dragon could burst into the scene, and a piano might be found beneath the kitchen floor. The first draft is your opportunity to play and have fun, and you can worry about it all making sense later.

What’s your advice for aspiring authors?

I have a lot of advice for aspiring authors, and if you would like to go more in-depth, you should check out my YouTube channel.

My main tip would be “quantity over quality”. When you’re just starting out, often you’ll outgrow your current project, skill-wise, before you have time to finish it. Write lots of short stories, poems, freewrites, and writing exercises. There’s nothing wrong with attempting that novel you’ve been dreaming of, but I noticed a major improvement in my own writing when I started incorporating more short writing “challenges” into my day-to-day routine, which helped me a lot with those longer projects.

Tell a story in five words, write a page describing your garage using all five senses, create a poem where every line must begin with the letter C. Just like athletes have warm-up exercises to make their physical muscles stronger, as writers, we should give our creative muscles (our brain) some warm-ups too.

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Honey Butter

  • Millie’s debut novel, which came out when she was thirteen years old
  • Published August 14th, 2017, by Millie’s self-publishing imprint Sprouting Pen Press
  • Lower Middle-Grade, Contemporary
  • Available as ebook, audiobook, and paperback on all major online retailers
  • Can be read for free when you sign up for Millie Florence’s newsletter
  • Finalist in the Reader’s Favorite Awards, middle grade coming of age catagory
  • 164 pages long
  • ISBN-13 ‏: ‎978-0692927847

Official Synopsis

“It’s a wonderful thought that everyday has something to celebrate.”

Jamie Johnson is a seven-year-old girl with an annoying older sister, a short attention span, and an odd hobby of collecting paint sample cards.

Laren Lark is an almost thirteen-year-old girl with a love of books, a talent for poetry, and a past full of road school adventures.

This book is a whimsical story about what happened to them one fateful summer, with a pound of friendship, a gallon of family, and a ton of everyday joy.

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Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen

  • Millie’s second novel, which came out when she was fifteen years old.
  • Published March 29th, 2019, by Millie’s self-publishing imprint Sprouting Pen Press
  • Upper Middle-Grade, Fantasy
  • Available as ebook, paperback, and hardcover, on all major online retailers
  • 358 pages long
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1732878907


Lydia Green never had reason to worry much before.

She lived in a timeless Glen on the edge of the Valleylands with her mismatched family of fairies, philosophers, and two troublemakers known as the Zs.

But now, at age eleven, her world is turned upside down when rumors reach Mulberry Glen about a mysterious Darkness that dwells in the forest Tenebrae.

Lydia knows it is nothing to be trifled with, but, fiery and headstrong, the Zs have other ideas. A foolish choice puts their lives in danger, and although she is no hero, Lydia realizes that family is something she is willing to fight for.

But among the shifting library shelves and lonely stone towers of her quest, Lydia is chased with more questions than answers. The Darkness of the forest lurks within her own mind, and how can you fight something which is all in your head?

In her second novel, Millie Florence weaves a tapestry of passion, heart, and magic. Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen is a pure, hopeful fantasy for both parents and children alike.

Pick up your copy today to experience this uplifting tale.

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