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Free Audio or eBook $5 Paperback

Hello there! My name is Millie!

I’m the oldest of five siblings in a wonderful and boisterous homeschool family.

I’ve loved writing and reading for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is of whispering stories to myself under the covers when I was supposed to be asleep.

Now, I still tell stories when I’m supposed to be asleep, but I write them down too! I’ve published two books for families and kids, Honey Butter (published when I was 13 years old) and Lydia Green of Mulberry Glen (published when I was 15 years old).

My Books

“Millie is a passionate, motivated writer whose fiction is filled with the joy of story-telling!”
Millie Florence at an event at a bookstore

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Would you like me to speak at your conference? Teach a class at your library? Visit your bookclub, school, or homeschool co-op? I’d be delighted! I love connecting kids with stories, giving them confidence to create, and sharing the joy of writing.

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