Beyond Mulberry Glen

Coming in 2025 from Waxwing Books!

Lydia Green never had reason to worry much before. She lived in a timeless Glen on the edge of the Valleylands with her mismatched family of fairies, philosophers, and two troublemakers known as the Zs.

But now, at age eleven, her world is turned upside down when rumors reach Mulberry Glen about a mysterious Darkness that dwells in the forest Tenebrae.

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The Balter of Ashton Harper

“To dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.”

Ashton Harper has three problems and two of them are his sisters. First Drusilla, the oldest, who has decided that all she cares about is muslin and courtship. Second Zizi, the youngest, a stubborn optimist who is constantly pushing her brother outside his comfort zone, whether it’s in their dancing lessons or his disbelief in magic.

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Honey Butter

Jamie Johnson is a seven-year-old girl with an annoying older sister, a short attention span, and an odd hobby of collecting paint sample cards.

Laren Lark is an almost thirteen-year-old girl with a love of books, a talent for poetry, and a past full of road school adventures.

This Book is a whimsical story about what happened to them one fateful summer, with a pound of friendship, a gallon of family, and a ton of everyday joy.

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What I'm Working On Now

Project Mage

  • Fantasy
  • Upper Middle-grade
  • In the early stages

Project Marshmallow

  • Funny
  • Younger Ages
  • Illustrations

Project Litchen

  • Fantasy
  • Friendship
  • Fall vibes
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