I speak and teach at libraries, schools, book clubs, homeschool co-ops, and conferences. I aim to inspire kids to chase their dreams and find excitement in reading and storytelling! Online appearances at book clubs are free.

For rates, email me author@millieflorence.com

Main Presentation

Sparks of Inspiration
Ages 9-14
30 to 45 minutes

I tell my origin story of publishing at age thirteen, detail my creative process, and explain how to find inspiration. I encourage kids to be creative and motivate them to chase their dreams.

Younger Presentation

Playing with Words
Ages 5-8
20 to 30 minutes

Students will learn the power of words and the pictures they paint in their minds. We’ll read an excerpt from my novella Honey Butter and play several games based on it with poetry and paint cards.

Writing Workshop

Unlocking Creativity
Ages 9-14
1 hour

A fun, hands-on experience, students will embark on a quest to defeat doubts, explore imagination, and discover the treasure of creativity. We’ll learn how to banish our inner editor, write stories as short as six words, or as long as a page, create mind-bending metaphors, and more!

Read Aloud + Q&A

All ages
10+ Minutes. It depends on the number of questions I receive.

I’ll introduce myself, read an excerpt from one of my books, and take questions afterward. I take reading aloud pretty seriously, so expect some dramatization and character voices. 😉