The Balter of Ashton Harper

Verb: “To dance artlessly, without particular grace or skill but usually with enjoyment.”

Ashton Harper has three problems and two of them are his sisters. First Drusilla, the oldest, who has decided that all she cares about is muslin and courtship. Second Zizi, the youngest, a stubborn optimist who is constantly pushing her brother outside his comfort zone, whether it’s in their dancing lessons or his disbelief in magic.

And third, their invitation to audition for a ballroom dancing scholarship at the prestigious Overmorrow Academy of Arts, which could be either a dream come true or a hope-crushing failure. As a proud, sarcastic realist, Ashton is betting on the latter.

The Harper siblings set out for Overmorrow, but their opportunity evaporates when mysterious magical ruins wreak havoc on the travelers. Ashton is separated from his sisters, trying to make sense of a power that he thought existed only in fairytales. Soon much more is at stake than attending the school of his dreams.

A story of family and ambition, The Balter of Ashton Harper is woven with whimsy, hope, and Millie Florence’s signature light-hearted depth.

“Millie Florence has created a charming and imaginative tale that dances off the pages! The Balter of Ashton Harper is a magical and uplifting story about the power of family and the pursuit of dreams. An ideal family read-aloud.”

-Sarah Mackenzie, founder and host of The Read-Aloud Revival, and author of The Read-aloud Family