Honey Butter

Everlasting Blue, Slam Dunk Orange Dragon Fruit Pink…

Seven-year-old Jamie Johnson is obsessed with collecting paint cards. In fact, it’s the only thing that can distract her from fighting with her older sister, during the long, boring summer. Until, that is, a mysterious girl moves in next door. Laren Lark is almost thirteen, a homeschooler, and a passionate poet.

Despite their differences, the two girls quickly become friends and Jamie begins to think that the summer doesn’t have to be so boring. After all, Laren says that adventure can be found anywhere—it’s all about where you look.

"I read [Honey Butter] aloud to my 3 boys. We ALL enjoyed this book so much. I will even admit that I cried a time or two. Completely unexpected."
"one of my very favorite reads of the year. I adored it, and it's one of those stories that has stayed with me throughout the year, so I know it's one I will return to in the future."